Anvel isn’t just a car service. It’s not just a dream-assembling in form of constructing racing cars. It’s something more. Anvel is family and our garage is a place, where we are creating memories, which, we can provide to you, through an unforgettable experiences.

The Anvel comapny s.r.o. has been established in 2002. Since then, we have rented or built many rally cars for many drivers. We can proudly say that our clients are also famous celebrities such as singer Daniel Landa or actress Olga Lounová.

The boss of both, racing car and Anvel company is experienced, long-year rally driver Vladimír Barvík. He gained his driver experiences also as an ambulance driver, which is his job for almost 25 years. He started professional racing in age of 23 and compete at almost 200 events in Czech republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

His greatest accomplishments are : 1999 champion of Slovakia in class N1, 2002 N2 class vicechampion of Czech republic in sprintrally, or second places overall in Rally Košice 2005 and rally Bohemia 2006, which were part of Europe Championship in rally.

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Members of our team and our rally car Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX took part in shooting the action movie Tacho, directed by Mirjam Landa. Some scenes were filmed in our garage in Napajedla and few members of our team even became actors for a few days.

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Among commercial activities we also organize charity event called Rally Ice Tour. Rally drivers and co-drivers meet with celebrities on stadium of Luděk Cajka in Zlín and play an ice-hockey game. In 2017 it will be already 9th meeting. Thanks to contestants and other partners we always gather nice amount of money and help people in need.

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Since 2002 the Anvel company have created for their clients almost 10 Honda and Mitsubischi racing cars and maintain them on race tracks. But buliding and maintaing racing cars and maintaining personal cars and vans are not the only activities of our company. We would like to make our clients’ dreams come true and because people always remember great and unusual experiences, we can offer you a wide range of adrenalin activities.