Bachelor ride

  • If you´re lucky enough to get married, you should do something special on your bachelor party.

Unforgettable Anniversary

  • What was, still is. Same as will be your unforgettable experience of this event. Anniversaries, weddings, company foundations, childbirths or any other occasion, you can celebrate all of this in unusual way and enjoy every minute of it.

Extraordinary birthday party

  • Each one of your birthdays are only once in life. You will never be as young as you are now, so take an advantage of it.

We can help you with that, thanks to our wide range of activities. It doesn´t matter if you prefer adrenalin, quite gathering or a trip to the nature, we can satisfy you. You can arrange your program as you want.


Nearby Brno and Zlín we are offering you these activities:


Ride in rally car as co-pilot

  • You can enjoy your ride in Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX next to an experienced rally driver on 2 tracks. Firstly, it´s Kopná track, which is part of Barum Czech Rally Zlin and secondly it´s off-road track in Přibice near Brno.

draha dsc_0253-m _dsc7780 mapa itinerar


Go-kart racing

  • In cooperation with Boby go-kart, we offer you attractive racing program. You can race against each other and also against former pro go-kart racer

moto-0 moto-1 moto-3 moto-5 moto-6


Racing in old cars and ride in rally car

  • We prepared everything you need for real racing experience on off-road track in Přibice, near Brno. Old excluded, but race-able cars in which you can race against time or against each other and of course ride with professional racer in Mitsubischi Lancer Evo IX.

draha old-car old-car1 old-car2 old-car4


Chopper flights

  • Chopper flights for 2 or 4 persons are prepared in Robinson R22 or R44. Robinson is one-engine light-weight chopper, commonly used by military or police.

vrt-1 vrt-2 vrt-3 vrt-4 vrt-5



  • Skydiving take place at Kunovice airport. You will ascend to clouds for about 20 minutes with L410 turbojet. Then, you’ll jump from 4000 meters and fly for 45-50 seconds in 200km speed. After that you parachute for 7-10 minutes and land on the ground.

img_8237 picture-012 snimek img_8270 gopr0578



  • Shooting from handguns and long guns take place at secured shooting range in Pohorelice, near Zlin. Of course professional instructor is present. You can shoot from shotgun on asphalt pigeons as well as from pistol or rifle on targets. We prepared these guns for you: self-loading Beretta 92 Fs, Glock 19 and ČZ P-09 pistol all of these in 9mm Luger caliber. And if you´re not scared of something bigger you can try self-loading rifle UZI also in 9mm luger caliber, or self-loading rifle CZ 858 Tactical (civil version of SA58) in 7.62×39 caliber.

instruktor-strelby zbrane

In case of multi-day stay or choosing from more activities, we can provide you accommodation, transport, wine cellar visits, local mini-breweries visits and piglet bbq.

We can also provide a photographer or cameraman, who can make a documentation from our events for you.

Regarding our wide-range offer, logistic difficulty of our activities and other factors that can affect final price,
we can´t simply put down numbers.

That´s why we prepared model situations for you here.

Enjoy each day as if it´s your last !