Thank you for three days full of adrenalin, delicious food and fun in friendly environment.
Even the biggest expectations were exceeded by Mr. Barvik´s ride.
Entire event was well organized and built precisely for the purpose of improving relationships with our business partners. The Anvel team took care of nice entertainment and our business partners remember great experiences with Home Credit till now.
Jana Murínová
Marketing Specialist Section Auto Business
Home Credit Slovakia a.s.


rajtarSimply –  an amazing experience. Thanks to racing atmosphere I was in competitive mood from very begining.  When I saw all that teams, staff,  preparations and excitment for racing, I told to myself that I’m in the whole new world. All that was so new to me. I had no idea what’s gonna happen next. Firstly I was scared, felt respect… But when I dressed overall and hemlet, it was all gone. I enjoyed that ride so much. I always thought that I can drive a car, but when I saw Vladimir racing, I understood what it means to drive a car. Vladimír, thank you for that.. really an amazing experience. I recommend it to everyone.
Milan Rajtár
Secretary in company AVL Moravia s.r.o.


„Ride in real rally car driven by Mr. Vladimír Barvík was really an adrenalin experience. Sharp curves on asphalt and offroad track, hard accelerations, drifts… I enjoyed all of this.
Wearing a fireproof overall and helmet with intercom as wall as final photographing with hostesses created real motosport atmosphere.“
Karla Šlechtová
Minister of Regional Development Czech Republic



hejtmankova-mI´d like to thank Laďa Barvík for an adrenalin ride which was way over my expectations and made my dream about joyride in racing car with a professional driver come true. The entire event was perfectly prepared and the Anvel team was working with maximum effort,despite extreme conditions and tropical temperatures. They provided great catering and comfortable place where i could watch servis and preparations of the racing car.
Thank you for unrepeatable experience.
Pavlína Hejtmánková
State employee


It was an awesome experience to sit in a rally car right next to a professional driver, who has competed in many races and feels in his racing car like on a sofa in his living room. It´s amazing how elegantly and surely he´s controlling his car. It was an honor and big joy to sit next to him in a rally car.

Adam Kopečný
Police officer


Enjoy each day as if it´s your last !